Being Black in America: What does it really mean?

Throughout the years racial relations have transformed significantly. Martin Luther king Jr was a very influential man. I grew up being told whatever I wanted to do and be out in life is possible if I try, and that was because of him. He worked to end racial equality. This letter was written in 1963 and still 30 something years later we had the Rodney King Racial beating. Some people may feel that things were never going to change after this situation. In some ways they will always be right. Still to this very day racism is still going on. There is nothing anyone can do about. Certain individuals will never accept African Americans as there equals.

There’s a line in this letter saying “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. This line is still effective today. I say this because when the Trayvon Martin shooting happened certain individuals felt the man that shot him had that right because of the
“Stand your ground law”. This shooting change the entire world because many people felt the very opposite and were not happy with the way this case was going. One horrible encounter has the power to affect the entire universe. However I believe because of this letter things started to change drastically, but things got a lot worse before they improved.

Martin Luther King Jr paved the way for people like Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, Coretta Scott King, and Betty X so they could continue their fight to help change the way they were being treated back then, even after his death.