Elements of an Argumentative Paper

       The first set of assigned pages discusses the differences between creating an argumentative essay and creating supportive thesis. With an argumentative essay there are four main parts: thesis, evidence, refutation, and conclusion. You should generally have three supporting paragraphs and be more than prepared to argue the opposing side of the argument. First reading assignment gives a good example about whether or not college students should have to take foreign language and then argues that college students already have too many classes to take as it is. Moreover, the evidence is the most important because it shows that you have done your research on the topic, and you are prepared to convince someone that what you are arguing is true. Also, it is imperative that everything on your writing should be objective and comprehensive.

The second set of the assignment talks about what makes an argumentative essay true and easy to believe. Your essay must contain the following steps in order to be the most factual and true; accuracy, credibility objectivity, currency, and comprehensiveness.  Accuracy is important because it assesses the truthfulness of the information. Credibility makes it easy to believe the information. With credibility you, you must often see the publisher, the date, the author, and the sources cited. Objectivity is necessary because it highlights the ability to acknowledge bias and eliminate it. Comprehensiveness is important on writing an argumentative paper because not everyone is at the same reading level. An essay need to contain factual information, yet should be written in such a way that anyone who reads it should be easy to understand.



The main point or message from reading both sets of passages is that when writing an argumentative essay, it is important to contain the four elements of structure of the essay as well as the five elements of factuality of the essay in order to be sure that it is an essay worthy of being called an argumentative paper.


3 thoughts on “Elements of an Argumentative Paper

  1. Using the pillars of argument can be helpful but, if people start using this as an outline for their papers then most essays will end up being bland and boring. This would be due to the fact that so many students aren’t always the best writers and then fall back on instead of using this as a guide to create a better paper. They see a blueprint that according to their book is the ticket to crafting a amazing essay. Yet, the elements are all still required when crafting an argumentative essay. Meaning that creating the essay in your own unique style that includes all the elements for the essay in a way that you can clearly understand what part you’re talking about yet not to make it obvious.

  2. I don’t want to be rude of saying this, but this feels more like a summary of the whole section about writing an argument essay rather than a response. You should be aware the readers have already read the section, they don’t want to read it again only shorter. This doesn’t have any of your opinions about how to write an argument. What do you think about it? Does it make it easy for you to write an argument? Does it make it even more confusing?
    It can be a good read if someone doesn’t want to read 8 pages of word, but what about you? This is a quick way to write an argument. Very effective to write for an essay for a SAT, but outside of essays, real arguments are much longer than a page with a handful of lengthy paragraphs. No, real arguments are huge textbook size, that the author spends hours, days, weeks, even years!

  3. I like how Scott wants us to write our essays. Not in the traditional here are all my points, now let me talk about them, and then restate them in my conclusion way. Trying to write without that guide line for my essays I think has helped me in making them more enjoyable for my readers. But even if you don’t follow the traditional way to write argumentative papers, they still contain the four pillars, thesis, evidence, refutation, and conclusion. I think it works better, instead of stating your main points in your opening paragraph, have the reader discover them as they read the paper. That way they are a bit more engaged and in my opinion, will enjoy the essay more. writing is not my strong point in school (as you can tell by this blog comment ) so if someone is going to read my essays, I would like them to enjoy it as much as possible, because my writing style is hard enough to take.

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