What effect does words have on us?

The complete Maus by art spiegelman pg 17 and 20

When I was reading the first chapter of the maus I felt that the character “vladek” is an honest person and not making up stories, he tells his son about “Lucia Greenberg” who was interested in him, then on page 20 he talks about Artie’s mum “Anja” whom wasn’t attractive “not so like Lucia” this words where what made me start doubting his feelings for Anja. On that same page Vladek also states that Anja’s family where “well of millionaires”, I felt like he was interested in Anna because of her money but not so with Lucia since she was poor. This assumption was based on the words written not the picture; if you look at the pictures the words in the box have nothing whatsoever related to the picture. In “the future of literacy” kress states that “words are empty of meaning” (pg 3) so “filling it with our meaning” (pg 3) is our responsibility.

In today’s society, images do not have the same effect on us like words; an example is the second image, without the writings a reader can easily assume that they are two couples on a date admiring or staring at each other. That’s true, but what about the location? Are they really on a date or a valentine magazine? Do they know each other? For how long? What his or her name? Am not saying Images are always deceiving, but rather am stating that sometimes images doesn’t give us the whole truth or possibilities another example is the first image, it does not give the impression that Lucia is poor. Unlike images, words lets a reader read between the line and also add his or her believe into what they are reading, just like I assumed that vladek was only interested in Anna because of her money, I can also say that he is stating a fact or that he’s proud of marrying a wealthy woman.


One thought on “What effect does words have on us?

  1. I agree with what you are saying here. A lot of the pictures in the book Maus are deceiving. I also read between the lines and assumed he only liked anja for her money because of how he talks about her. If the money did not factor into how he felt about her I don’t think that the fact her parents were wealthy or the fact that Lucia was poor would have been mentioned in the story. Pictures can be deceiving and it easier to infer from words what is going on behind the scenes. Your blog post was great and I enjoyed reading it. Thank you for sharing your view.

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