Maus overview

Maus, a graphic narrative written by art spiegelman, is a comic about a boy, Artie, writing a story about his father’s life so except for the first couple of pages, the story follows Artie’s father, Vladek. Vladek lives in the time of the holocaust. The story flows well and is very interesting and entertaining, but the grammar used in it could be better, it’s not bad, or hard to understand, but some of it is not correct. Quite frequently they will do the Yoda talk. That is they will say phrases out of order. For example, instead of saying “I got a telephone call,” they would say, “a telephone call, I got.” It nothing too difficult to deal with, but it that made my reading experience not as pleasant.

In the first chapter, Artie visits his dad and starts recording his life, starting when he met a girl named Lucia that he was involved with for three or four years. Lucia asked Vladek to get engaged to him, but Vladek declines her request, telling his son, she did not possess much money. He then gets introduced to a girl named Anna, who is smart and the daughter of a very rich family, by his cousin and they gets engaged, and later married, and moves into one of his father-in-law’s houses with her.

The second chapter starts with Artie paying his father another visit. This time Vladek begins his story by telling Artie that Anna had a close friend who was a communist. And Anna was involved in communist conspiracies. She received letters and packages and translated and shipped them to Germany. Vladek’s story begins when Anna takes a package she got to a neighbor and asks her to hide it. She does so, but ends up getting arrested and taken to jail for 3 months. Up to this point everyone we meat is a mouse, but the two policeman are pigs, literally.

I have yet to see what the rest of the story holds. . .

Belowe is an image of the characters maus



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