Living In A New Era


Many people believe video games, movies, televison and music persuade a person to kill innocent people. I personally have a hard time believing that’s true. I believe parents need to be more aware of what their child or children are doing when their around. Author John Leo wrote a piece called ” When life imitates video” and he speaks on the Colorado school massacre. Been from Colorado, I remember the Colorado news station 9news reporting the parents of the shooters could not go into their rooms due to they had locks on their doors. How do you “the parent” not have access to the rooms in your own house?  Which you own or pay for? 

Nowadays, we live in a world were parents are trying to be “cool” friends to their child instead of being a parent. Most children’s parents are both working. Back in the day the father was the only one working and the mother would stay home taking care of the kids, having free time to be more in tuned with what their child was taking part in his/her life.

Some parents feel gulity for not being able to spend as much time with their kid. They repay them by spoiling them with materialistic things and/or letting them get away with a lot of things they shouldn’t be doing in the first place. You know what I’m talking about if you have a younger sibling. Your parents were very strict with you. For example, You couldn’t listen to certain type of music. Now you have a younger brother or sister and their able to listen to all type of music. You ask yourself…… why don’t they have the same rules as you did growing up?

We live in a society were a lot of people are getting married at a later age. Which causes them to have children later in life. So the time they do have kids they have little patience and let their kid get away with a lot of stuff or aren’t aware of what’s going on with their child. The other scenarios is kids having kids and single parent homes. So they teach them on a child level of what little bit they know.The single parent has to work hard to be  mommy and daddy which leave little time to spend with their child.

Violence is everywhere. We see violence reported on the news, people’s own homes ( some people live in violence environments ), jail cells, police departments, sporting events, riots etc. People always seem to find away to blame someone or something instead of facing the true fact of the matter of what caused the problem. With all that been said it doesn’t give parents a pass for not knowing what’s going on in their child’s life.


3 thoughts on “Living In A New Era

  1. I completely agree with what you had to say on this subject. First of all, I think you would agree that over the years we as a society have become increasingly lazy. It’s so bad that it’s gotten to the point where we rely on our technology such as smartphones more than we do in others and ourselves. In a way it’s like we have lost respect for people. This can be proven in how you explain how parents now a days are completely unaware of their children’s doings. This is because kids have lost their respect for their parents and in turn the parents lose respect for themselves as the parent and forget about their rights/responsibilities. And lastly, as you said we look for things to blame. Our laziness is so much so that we won’t even go to the source of our issues and realize the problem is us. The media is not to blame for our immoral issues. Until we get off our rears and remember what respect means, the so called violence the media creates will last inevitably.
    Great blog! Hannah Sauceda 🙂

  2. I grew up with an angry little brother. He had a small speech impediment that frustrated him and eventually he stopped talking. He refused to work with his therapist and wouldn’t let my parents help him either. What to do you with a kid that refuses to talk, and when pressured to refuses to eat!? My parents tried everything. Eventually, my brother and I were given a play station, and my parents began to use games as a reward for my brother to start talking. It worked, and as he grew more confident in talking, his video game preference became more violent. My parents let him play whatever he wanted as long as his studies and speaking continued to excel.. But with the violent video games came his violent behavior and language. He was probably around eight years old when he started playing games that were suited for seventeen and up. My brother acted out severally at home but in a public setting he was a reserved well behaved kid. Now that he is seventeen, he’s grown into a fine young man instilled with the values we were taught and even better ones he’s gained on his own.

    I am a firm believer that it is the parents duty when it comes to what their child watches or plays. My little brother needed something to funnel his frustration into and video games helped him. Every child is different and so are parents, but its the parent’s responsibility to understand their kid. Great post!!!


  3. When it came to media, you are absolutely right about the fact that a child’s violent exploits has nothing what so ever to do with the media but the child’s parents. So what if a child has no parent, I have noticed that in today’s society kids are meanly judged based on their parents “the apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree”. A friend once told me about her nieces who lost both parents and was sent to live in a relative’s house, she wasn’t treated well because of her parents history, her parent were drug addict and her mom was very violent, so her relative expected her to have the same violent behavior as her mom, which she did. In her room she expressed herself and the pain she felt into games, the first day I met her I asked how she overcame all the pain she felt, according to her sometimes she wanted to utilize some of the things she leant from the violent media she watches on her relatives, but after she went to school she had some news of kids whose lives where worst than hers so she leant how to control her anger and the consequences of her action. My point is that is not all the parents’ responsibility to educate kids about violence, its more about the environment and people around this kids.

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