Violence in Video Games

Video games growing up as a kid they were my sanctuary the only time of the day that I was able to sit down and spend time with my father. They bring good and fun memories that can never be replaced and will be cherished forever. In todays world society has other ideas about the value of video games today. Yes as the industry continues to grow more and more violent ¬†games are being made to reach the audiences requirements and in order to be a successful company. Look at Infinity Ward and Treyarch two of the biggest companies in the US the are the developers of the worldly successful Call of Duty franchise a game that allows players to pick a gun of their choice and try to kill other players. Todays society requires the blood and the violence as humans we just have a deep seated need for this stimulus. The danger is that such companies come under constant fire from Congress whenever there is a tragedy in the world such as the Aurora shootings that happened recently the first thing Congress turned to blame was the video games. They stated that violence in video games gives people the idea that its ok to go out and shoot people and murder and commits heinous acts and that games are almost like a training ground for tomorrows killers. Can games truly be the ones to blame, no the ESRB system (Entertainment System Rating Board) was created due to the over violence in video games. Call of Duty and other M rated games require you to be 17 to purchase and when you go to gamestop and attempt to purchase they require ID. So if we are to blame someone who should it be? Parents, they are the ones buying games like this for their kids and neglect the system completely and then these same parents are the ones fighting that games with violence are bad. If parents just stopped to talk to their kids about whats wrong and right and showed more attention to the materials they purchase for their children the world would be a safer place and video games wouldn’t get such a bad rap.



2 thoughts on “Violence in Video Games

  1. There are some very good points made in this post. In todays society, people are so quick to judge and put blame on things that may not even affect what’s happening. I really don’t think video games are necessarily the cause for how chidren behave. I think it’s the first hand experience that may trigger violence or even something emotional. Games are just a fun outlet for kids to let loose and chill. I totally agree that video games are getting such a bad rap! You are right about the fact that companies actually put an age limit on games so it’s not like they don’t care or don’t acknowledge the violence. When it comes to the parents, are they really even part of the blame? I guess they should talk to their children about violence and go a little deeper into what’s right and what’s wrong, especially when it comes to the games. Seriously though, people should really think about and evaluate if the violence from video games is the main cause for violence in their children.

  2. Each day that it goes by there is more pressure and expenses. It feels like there is just not enough time and parents tend to forget to communicate with their children and let them know what is right and wrong. So, yea, it’s not so much the games that cause the violence in children its the lack of attention and communication. We can’t be mad at the companies that make these games because they are only doing business and making money. After all they have to pay bills at home too!

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