Violence for Children

Many people dont realize that children, today, are more expossed to violence than ever. With easy acces to the internet, video games, and many other things, kids are able to have acces to violence and their fathers dont notice it. When I was growing up I enjoyed spending time with my friends, brothers, or even my father when we played innocent but so fun videogames like “Super Mario Bros.” , “FIFA 1998”, “Super Smash Bros.”, etc. Until I became 12 or 13 years old, my parents started to buy me more violent games like “Medal of Honor”, “007”, and other war games. Now, kids that are 7 or 8 years old start playing games like “Call of Duty” and other violent games that are rated M for mature and they are still able to get access to those games and their parents dont even know about it. Image


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The image above demonstrates the violence that is present in the video games children play today. Throughout the years, the violence in the games have been dramatically increasing and in the future probably there will be more and more violent games than the ones that we have right now. Todays society needs the violence to get entertained and not like before that people just watched T.V. shows that didnt have any kind of violence that just entertained the audience with funny jokes or actions that the actors did but they didnt require all the blood and killing that appears in T.V. shows and videogames that the children are able to access. The videogame industry should stop making all these violent games because todays society depends too much on it and it shouldnt be that way. Also, parents shouldnt be buying their kids these type of games because they are the ones responsible to check the rate of the game and decide if their kids are able to play them or not. If kids so oung play these games, they can even become violent and they are the future in the country and we dont want them to be violent. Parents should be the ones who choose the games for their kids not the other way around.


One thought on “Violence for Children

  1. I agree with the fact that parents should become more responsible over the games that are being purchased for their children. I aslo would like to add that the reason kids turn out to be violent is also the way life is around them. For instatnce, my little brother is about 12 years old and he doesn’t recieve alot of attention and he is always on his own playing games. He basically grew up with arguments around him and always listening to how his parents feel towards each other and other negative vibes. So when he’s alone playing his games he thinks acting like the characters in the game is cool or its okay. And it’s not, because in the future he can get into trouble with the wrong people and no parent wants that for their children…right?

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