Don’t Start Another War

The internet is a free place to express an opinion. Or it was supposed to be. Every day I see someone posting a negative comment and there’s always someone responding very furiously.  As a result, they make a chain of nasty replies that they leave for other curious people to see if they had the same opinion as them.

At first I thought a fight over different opinions would be a reasonable argument, but according to “Practical Argument”, by Laurie G. Kirszner and Stephen R. Mandell, that it doesn’t make a good argument. It’s nothing more than a pointless fight because people people can’t think on the same thing. In the book, there is a green box that is titled “What Kinds of Statements Are Not Debatable?” Among the examples were preference and taste. “Expression of personal preference or taste are not suitable for argument.

The flame wars we see on the net don’t have anything that can be considered as an argument. They don’t have logos, if fact, they say the most ridiculous things, they don’t have ethos, half of the things they say are just nonsense, and the only emotion you get is hurt. Flame wars are mean and rude and we shouldn’t even be in one or be the one to instigate it. They don’t have a cause. If someone says something that you don’t like, don’t mind them. Except, I do sometimes read them and I feel ashamed that I had nothing better other than to read the fight between them.

There’s times when I feel sorry for one person and get mad at the other person. Sometimes if possible I would tell them it is an opinion and we all have different kinds of taste so we shouldn’t be having a huge debate. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it backfires. Worst things worse I try not to get myself any further. But lesson learn, don’t let yourself get into one and don’t listen to them.

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3 thoughts on “Don’t Start Another War

  1. I completely agree with you! Why do people choose to fight over the internet so often? I have witnessed some of these so-called flame wars but have never been in one. These wars are really over pointless topics and half the time they are caused by assumptions. Unfortunately, i am also one of those people who do read through some of these “arguments” however it really is something i and everyone else should refrain from because it’s tacky and theres really nothing to gain from it. It’s weird to think that what most people consider arguments aren’t really arguments because they regard tastes and preferences… but now that i think about arguments i guess are more on the intellectual side rather than about ‘who commented on who’s boyfriends facebook status’. By the way, your picture is funny!

  2. Your post contains a well maid point over the internet. I strongly agree with your opinion because nowadays many people are posting unkindly comments over internet. For instance, I go to search a song I like on YouTube then I see that some impolite individuals leave undesirable comments for that song, or singer, and that makes me angry. I just wish I knew what makes these people happy about posting nasty comments, and that can hurt someone’s feeling. If someone disagrees or dislikes a post on internet or social networking sites then they should say it nicely, or not leave a comment at all.

  3. I agree with the blogger. There is a lot of negative information out there. A lot of people like to read that kind of gossip. Sometimes it’s hard to weed out what is true or not. Just like the blogger said the people who post these comments want to get a reaction from others to see if they agree or not. I feel like nowadays we have too much time on our hands. Instead of doing something productive with our time people are staying on the internet too long to read this nonsense.

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