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A Flashy Facebook Page, At a Cost to Privacy

Written by Kim Hart, This article shows that the applications, groups and pages that we use to give ourselves a flashy facebook page may be costing us our privacy. Hart gives statistical evidence that games and applications that are used on facebook ask for and have access to much more personal information then necessary. The example she uses is a Sudoku game application that asks for all your personal information before it lets you play. Whatever company that developed that particular app does not need to know how many children you have or your relationship status. The objective of this is to target you with ads suited to fit your needs in hopes that you as the user will buy something or spend money.

Most of the advertisements are harmless and the most damage they can do is fill up your email or blast ads every time you log on to facebook. But now your personal information is on a third party website. And the more it moves down through third party websites the less protected it becomes and the less professional the developer or business that owns the website gets.
Facebook is not the only company or business that does this.

One example I can think of that has just recently started practicing this is the video game industry. Instead of the traditional way video games work, which is a program that runs privately on your computer, now the program asks for your email and some personal information and then, while its running, connects to the internet, and connects with other people who have the same interests and runs ads based on the information you have given. Again, mostly harmless, but the information is out there. And if you then go to a site that an advertisement directed you to, you are communicating with a third party and your personal information becomes less secure.

I am a fan of facebook and enjoy social networking. I enjoy connecting with people and sharing thoughts and ideas with everyone around the world. But with the easy access to information through the internet in the modern age, one must use caution when sharing anything online.

Photo showing an example of a facebook page.


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