Spoken Words of the Unspoken Soul

Spoken word poetry is an art form that few people know about and that even fewer have ever actually listened to. Spoken word poetry is individualistic. To pick up a script and to read it is different between each person and creates art whether it’s beautiful or clumsy, it is personal and intimate. To create art is to lay your soul bare for just a moment and to open yourself up to judgement from your peers. Poetry is an art form that can take many forms. It can cover any topic imaginable, from inner pain to utter nonsense thoughts. Poetry can also allow you to release many emotions that you have kept deep inside for a long time. Although creating good poetry is difficult, even bad poetry still has a beauty to it. I highly recommend attempting to write poetry at least one time.


One thought on “Spoken Words of the Unspoken Soul

  1. Thank you for your wonderful post. I have never given too much thought to spoken word poetry until reading your post and listening to the audio you provided. I like it…a lot. I believe the main attraction is its truthfulness and that wrong does not exist. It takes a brave individual to be honest enough to peel back the layers and just pour out their thoughts and feelings without any regard to judgment. Their words are their instrument. I can see where spoken word poetry would be beneficial and freeing to one’s soul. Thank you for opening my mind to something new.

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