Effecient Energy

The nations energy demand has cause mass pollution and cost over billions of dollars every year. The hot topic has always been how much nonrenewable reasources we are relying on. In the year 2000 ,the United States energy demand was a 92% to 8% or a ratio of 1/10 in comparrison to renewable reasources. To add to the uneffeciency electrical spendings have cost the nation over 5 billion dollars. Using more natural resources hat can be reusable can help solve this problem and has begun to take effect in the past years. When power becomes scarce then the cost is higer. Now that most americans are realizing and accepting the fact that fossi fuels are detrimental and extremely harmful, we can begin to discover new ways on how to cause less or even no damadge. Water, wind, and solar energy have become more popular in the past decade and continue to climb in energy reliability. Nature is a combination of perfect balance and time which all aspects come in to play. If either of the two are ebused then the life of perfect blance will excel and not last the correct period of time. That is why more naturally approaches must be taken in order insure this balance be kept.

Human innovation is on pace to reach its own destruction. However steps are beining made to fight this struggle. Wind energy and solar pannels are two effecient ways in creating more energy. Niether of these sources are harmful to the enviornment and both represent reusable energy. The surrounings and details must always come in to considration, if it is overlooked then reversing the damadge done is almost impossible. The O-zone is just about the only thing protecing us from certain death and it is being damadged. This problem needs to be addressedas soon as possible and not be taken lightly. Only then can balance be restored and in the end it will help both the economical and natural outlooks.



One thought on “Effecient Energy

  1. I like this post because it has relevance to everyone on the planet. It is undeniably true that we can’t simply rely on fossil fuels but the question to then be answered is brought into question. I believe that part of the problem falls under the old phrase you stick with the evils you know; most people have become too comfortable with their lifestyle and the prospect of change scares them. It is true that hydro electric power can be created in very large amounts with absolutely no harm to the environment in large bodies of water, but it can be hard and costly to erect the dams necessary to facilitate the production. Wind can produce energy with the use of many mills, but wind is never a consistent commodity and therefore not reliable, if used as a backup or support power supply though it could be very effective. Solar power is the best solution in my opinion. There are many places around the world that cannot be inhabited, such as the dessert. If we were to simply install solar panels throughout the desserts it would create tremendous amounts of energy. One major problem always comes back to our cars though, what will we power those on? Obviously can’t set up a dam in our car, and clearly we can’t harness the wind on our cars, and unfortunately most solar and electric cars are just not “stylish” enough for the general public to adopt. The nation’s power grid could be replaced though I believe if the nation’s eye really turned on the subject.

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