Piece of Cake?

Marriage is not easy in America because there is an amount of people in it that do not understand what it means to be married or to love someone. Marriage should not be like some cake that taste good and then after you finish the whole cake you decide you want a better one. Sometimes I get this feeling in America that there are people that all about themselves and are always thinking “ME ME ME!!!” Marriage is not like that. Its about the couple as a whole. Once you are married to that person, you are making a commitment. It’s like a contract. Now ask yourself this. If you believe you found the right person for marriage are you ready to stick to your word when you say “I love you” or “I do”. Even if you are married and you can’t say yes to that question you should still try to make it that way. Marriage is a sacred thing to commit to.  I believe that if you are going to have a divorce then it should only be if there is someone doing something illegal or a situation that is equivalent to that. I believe that if you get divorced because you decide that you don’t like that person anymore and can’t get along with them, then that is just the same as wanting to get “another cake”. It may seem like there is a better cake, but in reality there isn’t because you are desiring something you already have in which you decided you are not in the mood for. I guaratee that if you go after another spouse you will just end up wanting more “cake”. There is an amount of people in America that should not get married and they still do because they believe that they can make one moment last forever. Marriage should be about finding someone to have through “thick and thin” moments in life. Whether it is easy or tough a married couples should always stick together like gorilla glue. If it is a in the moment state of love then don’t get married yet. Marriage is and always will be a sacred gift. If you think it is just some excuse to live together and have sex then you are mistaken and you should not get married over something like that.


2 thoughts on “Piece of Cake?

  1. Our fault for devaluing weighty concepts through abuse of the English language. Horrific is intended to be something that inspires horror. beautiful is supposed to mean full of beauty and awesome events are something you run away from. Love is not strong favor, its several stages above and removed from pure “like” and within the theros of emotion, its neigh impossible to tell love from infatuation. This is part of why the legal concept of partnership and the moral ideal of marriage should be separated because the two classifications of state now have little connection to their proper connotations. Cake is too sweet a treat to be associated with that bitter pill.

  2. I completely agree with you! I believe that many people these days don’t understand the true meaning of “marriage” or “love.” I also agree that a divorce should not be acceptable unless your partner has some how put you in danger. Our generation doesn’t seem to understand that when things “break” you fix it. You don’t just turn around and walk another direction.

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