Born to be Wild

Some of us may not see the need for a ban of wild animal imports but it really does effect our daily lives. In this article Wild Captives: The Exotic Animal Trade Josh Griep said “wild animals are called wild for a reason; they should be allowed to live freely in their native habitats.”   When most people think of bringing wild animals out of their natural habitat they think of a tiger or a lion. However there are many other animals, big and small, that are extracted from their native habitat.  Bringing wild animals out of their natural habitat is not only inhumane but can also be detrimental to our society. For example, the releasing  of the cane toad into Queensland, Australia in the 1930’s. This little animal has caused Australia a great deal of trouble. The cane toad originates in the southern United States, Central America, and tropical South America and is easily manageable in its natural habitat. With little predators in Australia the cane toad population is out of control. The National Geographic reports “their effects on Australia’s ecology include the depletion of native species that die eating cane toads; the poisoning of pets and humans.” This is just one example of what can happen when you take an animal from its natural habitat. We do not completely understand yet how the earth works. We know a lot and we are learning knew things every day. Until we have a complete knowledge of the ramifications of our actions, we should allow that wild things of this world to stay where they are naturally placed to keep the balance of the earth.


“Cane Toad.” National Geographic. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 Oct. 2012.



2 thoughts on “Born to be Wild

  1. This is so true, often people don’t think about the larger ramifications of taking animals out of their normal habitat until afterwards when they’re trying to deal with it. I hadn’t heard about the toads before but there was a similar situation in the West Indies. They had an over-abundant population of rats so they brought in mongooses which are natural predators of rodents and small birds in its native area of southern Asia and Africa. However, what they didn’t take into account is that rats are nocturnal and mongooses are not, so they ended up with and overpopulation of both species. If people would just think of these things first the normal balance of predator to prey wouldn’t be upset and consequently, as you said, the natural balance of the earth would remain.

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