Serious Benders

Alcohol addiction is a terrible thing. It impacts health, relationships, one’s ability to function and it puts strain on the addict’s family. I know, I’ve seen someone suffer through it. The absolute frustration of seeing someone you love throwing themselves into further and further alcohol fueled stupors while not knowing how to get them to stop can lead to all sorts of problems. Tension and conflict happen, leading to increased stress which turns around and feeds back into a desire for a high and that feeling of happy bliss that comes with it, or at least the temporary amnesia that lets one forget their problems.
Addictions are more than just alcohol though. More than that, addictions can happen without any drugs involved whatsoever and it can have just as much impact. Chances are an addiction to an action, say a gaming addiction, won’t impact your health in quite the same way, but overconsumption of media, overexertion of your body, or excessive use of surgical treatments are all serious problems that have serious psychological and physiological side effects. There is footage of a man addicted to getting bigger, who constantly worked out his arms and went so far as to take steroids and other things to enlarge his muscles. This man injected himself with a generally safe substance to make his muscles look bigger and he went too far. His skin couldn’t hold all the tissues in. His arm literally exploded.
Over-reliance on escapism destroys relationships too. Gaming to an excessive degree is such a problem, the idea of a serious gamer being this unwashed, overweight, out of shape individual has arose that in some cases isn’t terribly far off. Excluding people and social activities to focus on one’s addiction’s has killed people. Drug overdoses, people gaming to the point of renal failure, a couple focusing on an online child to the point of killing their own with neglect are all real scenarios. Just because you don’t take drugs doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wonder if you’re an addict.


One thought on “Serious Benders

  1. You make a very solid point in this blog post, and I agree with it whole-heartedly. I too am very familiar with the effects of alcoholism and other addictions on relationships. I have had two very close people in my life who have pushed themselves away due to reliance on their escapes; it’s a painful thing to deal with, and an even more painful thing to watch. But, luckily, knowledge and understanding of how and why addictions form can allow us to look upon them with a level of compassion and forgiveness. It’s a strange paradox, the fact that, with regard to addictions concerning those who are close to you, the best thing you can do is generally to do nothing. Any confrontation, like you mentioned, will almost always push the person farther toward their escape. It takes patience, it takes compassion, and it takes time: letting these people go down their path and learn their mistakes, while being there to support them and give them helpful direction when they’re willing to receive it, it requires all three of these qualities in abundance.

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