Growth of the Mind

I really admire the quote in “The educated person is, above all, one who is ‘open to new knowledge and able to advance it’” by William J. Bouwsma kind of makes you ponder. What I think this quote means is that to be truly educated person you need to not only absorbing the information, but to also go further with it. It is like the difference between going to highschool and going to college. You go to high school because you have to, and you want to person who can function in society with basic knowledge. Highschool education is something you need. Then going to college is way you advance your knowledge. College is option and choice you want to make, and you go to college to further go into the studies that are interested in and become open to new ideas.

It is the difference when you are taking a class and you just sit in class and pushing through the work just to pass, and taking a class and absorbing the information and exercising what you have learned. An example that has happened to me is that I took a sociology class this summer. I took the class just to get the credit but I ended up expanding my mind. I didn’t really know what to expect taking sociology because I had never taken a class quite like it before. I took that class because it sounded interesting and to get a good grade. Instead I learned so much information that I can use in everyday life, and every class that you take is not useless or just for the credit. At the end of the semester my sociology teacher made everyone in the class write a paper that included what we took from the class and how it can help us in our future carriers. Since I have taken sociology I have not only gained knowledge about sociology, but more importantly there will be no class I will ever take that is completely useless.


2 thoughts on “Growth of the Mind

  1. A student learns what the teacher bothers to teach; a good student learns more than is taught. Sadly, good students only bother to learn in turn when they care about a subject and the current collage design seems to be focused on punishing those students with endless core classes and illogical ladder degree programs. This might make collages more money but its doing the population no favors. That said, we take our inspiration and information worth retaining post summer break as we can find it and sociology and game theory are two subjects which prove infinitely useful in navigating humanity. Now, if only I got along with phones and the people who use them as well as I do desktops and their users in turn. Infernal devises…

    • That is very true what you said, like it is how the person takes in the information to make it worth something. Thanks for the input!

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