Down Size That!

           Back in the nineteen forties and before technology came around that made life so much easier to do multiple things at once, we had to actually spend our days cooking, working, and doing chores. those activities would take them all day and was very back breaking work. Today we still work, but cooking and cleaning takes such little time. We have so much more time to do so many things and get so busy with all of the responsibilities that we can do now that we don’t spend all of our time on the necessities of life. Fast food has become one of those accessible luxuries that make it easy to just eat on the go and continue doing all the other plans that we have to accomplish. Since this has become our way of life we have unfortunately sacrificed health in the process. Talking with friends, family, and acquaintances about what things we are to eat and amazingly they are unaware of how to eat healthy. They have a general idea of how to eat healthy but don’t know how much they should eat of certain food groups and how often to eat those food groups. Most the food out there is unhealthy food that is quick and easy to make so its so much easier to just eat those quick foods instead of figuring out healthy foods to cook. Exercise is also a huge dilemma that people have lost since everything has become much easier to do with less effort. In today’s time we have to substitute manual labor we did back before we had technology to do it for us. So we have Gyms and other methods used to accomplish this. Since this is something we have to incorporate into our lives instead of it being apart of of lives its much easier to make and excuse to not exercise. So many times people say they will start running or exercising and either don’t start or stop a month later. The excuse is that they get to busy and schedule time when some how they can easily find time to sit in front of the television and watch there favorite show. America has made it so we think that more food is better and given us unhealthy to eat. I say we start cooking and eating healthy and down size that!


One thought on “Down Size That!

  1. I totally understand about this article! yes obviously fast food is a easy way of going and quicker to get, but its really unhealthy to eat it every other day. I know that a lot of people say or do is that if their really busy with work and have lots of things to accomplish, they prefer or choose that we would go drive through a fast food place. People would say that Imo just going to work it off and get skinnier. Well some people don’t necessarily stick with their promises for working out their bodies. I believe that everybody needs to start eating up healthier foods and start watching those calories when your younger and start being more active!!.

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