As a student who is also working part time, I can relate to the examples in “yes, the future looks bright but the moment is hell.” I am currently taking 17 hours and Working about 20 hours a week. What makes it worse is that I frequently work the closing shift and do not get home till Midnight or later. And then the studying starts. Even though I a not working as much as the author is I can still feel the effects. I always feel like I am running behind. Chasing assignments. In addition to the  side effects that He mentions in the essay, lack of sleep can have a enormous negative effect on studies. I have noticed a lack of concentration when studying, Preoccupation with sleeping, and lower quality of work to name just a few. There doesn’t seem to be any solution. I have to pay for gas and other car expenses as well as tuition and books. Even without paying rent, these things add up and I am forced to take on more hours effectively crippling my study time. Will there ever be a solution? Or should we be forced to sacrifice school so that we can work more to support our school? Ironic, isn’t it?


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