The Real Victims

Many people suffer from some sort of problem and one common today is alcoholism. Homes are often disfunctional within and the children are the ones whom really suffer rather than the alcocholic themselves. Growing up in that kind of enviornment can be hard on a child and cause permanent damage. “If they can survuve, their survival skills are unparalleled”, Meredith Newman Blanco writes explaining the damage caused by inconsistancy and disilinary disfunctions which can cause a child to develope a certain “identity”. In a personal experience I have grown up with a good friend of mine that has had to deal with a similar situation. His father is an alcoholic and has caused him to appear angry at the world and he has some inner issues that easily show. He acts rasional to his choices and makes everyone around him feel sorry. He acts simpithetic towards others because of his neglect from his father and wants his pain to be felt. He is not the only one going through this problem and thousands of others across the country go through it as well.


One thought on “The Real Victims

  1. one of the reason behind for family member following their elder habbit is lack of education. Lots of undeveloped countries are uneducated and they think alcohol is one of the component which help them to minimize their pain and they started drinking those think which their children also follow..

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