Daddy’s Little Girl

Like Daphne Beckham, my view of men has been heavily influenced by father. I guess you could say that I am a little bit of a daddy’s girl and will always look up to my father as a role model for my actions. In this day and age with the increase of single mother households, the role of a father has been greatly diminished. More and more women are stepping up to fill the missing role of fatherhood in the lives of their children. Although mothers should be greatly commended for their efforts, the role of a father cannot be replaced. I have found that in my life and in those around me that the fact of having a caring and loving father in the lives of children is an immeasurable influence for happiness in anyone’s life. The story of Daphne Beckham’s father taking in the stray dog emphasizes the importance of putting someone else’s desire above our own. This story reminds me of my father because of a similar experience that happened in my family. My sister, the animal lover of the family, found a stranded kitten in the backyard on a very cold winter night. Giving the kitten food and shelter was supposed to be temporary, because my father has an allergy to cats. But despite this obstacle the cat has stayed and has become part of the family. My father will even make sure that the cat is inside every night to ensure its safety. This lesson and other very valuable lessons my father has taught me. Through my father’s example I have learned to be a better person. This example I would not have had any other way.


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