Circumstantial evidence

The triumph of style over substance is something humanity, if it hopes to survive, should strive to avert and reverse if possible but humanity was never logical when it came to pride. The republican nominee seems to take this maxim, invert it than take it to an illogical extreme. Mitt might have won his debate in a vacuum however he lost the war in no uncertain terms with this recent monument to moral and ethical vapidity. There is no longer any lingering doubt this man would drive America into the ground if his campaign is any indication as the number of contradictions made in his impassioned speech are marked of a complete disregard for fact checkers and thinkers alike. The most horrifying part however is that the American “public” is overwhelmingly, mortifyingly… stupid. The proponents of democracy might argue they are ignorant and there are many intelligent being among the public but while a person is an intelligent, rational being, people are dumb, oft panicking animals. The author refrains, one cannot argue that Mitt stands for anything but getting elected anymore and that is the symptom of the endemic problems with the American election system.
The independents know what I speak of here… they rank Romney very low indeed in several categories but public opinion appears to be hearing what the candidates feed them and that gets comfuseing when one has all the willpower and reflexive memory of an ele- Ooh! Butterfly! *picks up net, charges out of classroom and off campus in hot pursuit of an ugly, gray moth*


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