Perspective on Men

Growing up I always heard the phrase “real men do not cry.” So every time I saw a boy cry I would call him a cry baby or thought of him as not being tough enough to be a man. It came off as embarrassing. I can only imagine how hard that can be for a boy growing up. Having to bottle up their feelings to prove a point or stay “tough.” As time went on the phrase “real men do not cry” made absolutely no sense to me. In my head it is “real men do cry.” This poem talks about how Daphne portrayed her father. “When I was a little girl, I thought my father was a rock, hard and unmoving.” She later then claims that as growing up her thoughts on strong men changed. “As I got older, I began to realize that men are not the stereotypical figures I once believed.” Daphne put her claim of value in her beginning paragraph. She makes her statements more understand by talking about personal experience and what she went through to gain these types of opinions about the men in her life. She explains that a man can be a Prufrock and a live-oak at the same time. I completely agree with the way she views the perceptive on men.


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