No Silly Questions Here

ImageIt is not the answer that enlightens but the question. – Eugene Ionesco

I thought about this quote throughout the day and tried to grasp its meaning. My conclusion, our answers lay within our questions. We all have most likely been in situations where someone asks what appears to be a silly or unnecessary question. On the other hand, we have all most likely been in situations where someone asks a question and we are excited to hear the answer. Either way, all questions are important because without such, an answer wouldn’t exist. Questions are the initial step to us seeking information; therefore, allowing us to learn and grow. Can you imagine going to class and never being allowed to ask any questions? We would exit with very little additional knowledge, if any, than when we entered. What if questions failed to be present all together? We would just be. I cannot imagine growth without questions and am unable to wrap my mind around what this would mean for our presence in life. A great question is the base to a great puzzle. Even those with the highest IQ ask questions, and plenty of them. So the quote is true, the question enlightens not the answer.


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