The real maus


Maus is a a brilliant book. And not just the comicbook/noval hybrid part of it.The contrast between Vledek in the flashbacks and Vledek in the present day is quite striking. In the stories he is a hero. A resourceful and clever character, he uses his sharp mind to fend of the fate of most other victims of the holocoust. In the present day however, he is a rascist, miserly, grumpy old man who doesn’t seem to have a lot of common sense. Additionally there is the same kind of contrast with Art. One moment he is a son who wants to know more about his father and get along better with him. The next he calls both his father and mother murderers. This apparent contradiction in behavior is what makes Maus such a brilliant book. The characters are Three dimensional because they are real people and the brilliance is in there portrayal. An great example is at the beginning of book two. Art is dealing with the success if his book and and draws himself as shrinking down to a child and screaming “momma!” This effect draws the reader into the authors mind and makes us relate more to his emotional state. Don’t we all sometimes want to just be a child again? When circumstances start to o overwhelm us, wouldn’t we all just like to cry to “mommy to just take care of us? Numerous examples like this create an atmosphere of real, down to earth, and imperfect human beings. And this is what makes the book memorable. They are relatable because they are real and presented honestly. Nothing can touch us more then real human experience. We all live in this weird and difficult world and we can sympathize with others no matter our vastly different pasts.


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