Not the Typical Reading

Though maus has a good topic that it wrote about, I was not overly thrilled about reading the holocaust in a comic fashion. The story line to the book was good about how a guy named vladek had went through the situation of the holocuast and his relationship to his son in the second book. As I was reading it though I would get distracted and start thinking about my childhood and reading comic books like superman, and batman. For me I get particularly distracted really easily especially when I am not involved in the book or doesn’t strike necessarily enough meaning for me. Reading maus was very distracting for which made it hard to follow. I am not meaning to take away from the meaning of the book and the holocaust, but just for me in particular this book is not what I was expecting to read when reading about something as serious as the holocaust. I would venture to say that school has made me have an outlook on the holocaust that deals with real tragedy photos and reading from diaries and text from textbooks. Even though for me this book wasn’t the reading style I prefer for these depressing and sad situations. I know that for others this is a great way to explain the holocaust and easier for others to understand.


One thought on “Not the Typical Reading

  1. I like how your picture depicts exactly what you expressed your thoughts to be regarding Maus. I am unsure if this was your intent, but clever nonetheless. I too got distracted at times and found myself trying to ignore the pictures, but other times I needed the pictures to make sense of what I was reading. Maus would have been an easier read if it had been in the “normal” book fashion; however, I believe the illustrations are a big part of his message. Once I started paying attention to the various details of the pictures, as discussed in class, I connected with the book on a different level.

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