In the story Maus, when Art was little and he was roller-skating with his friends and having a good time .His skates unfortunately broke. Instead of his friends being good friends they just left him there to fend for himself. Art ran home and told his father about the situation that happened to him that day. His father told him, “ Until he has spent five days locked in a room with a group of people and no food, he cannot know the meaning of the word “friends.” I think the quote symbolizes that you are your only friend and that nobody cares about your well being. The only person that has your back is yourself and that there are people out there wishing for your downfall. The statement also refers to the time he was in prison trying to fend for himself and protect himself while he and some other men were hungry. Art father was just telling him that you don’t know struggle till you’ve been at an all time low.


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