The Night in Maus

20120930-141652.jpg In the book “The Complete Maus” by Art Spiegelman, the discription of the holocaust was very disturbing. Just like any holocaust book, we are let with the question of how can a human being put someone through this kind of torcher? My freshman year of high school, we had to read a book called “Night”. This book was all about the authors experience in the holocaust. Just like Vladek in Maus, Eli Wiesel was taken to the concentration camps and was ripped apart from his loved ones. I feel that in Eli’s description of the holocaust was more tramatic. I am not sure why I get this feeling, but it might be because Vladek had a different more “luxurious” stay than most Jews in the concentration camps. Eli and his father were put through several forms of torcher which led to his fathers death. I think that the book “Night” and “The Complete Maus” are along the same lines of literature. They are both forms of historical events that are from a person’s point of view who attended these dramatic and unlawful camps. Lets make sure that no human being has to be put through that torcher ever again.


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