Europe, Cambodia, Darfur

Maus is a book about the holocaust; The holocaust is likely the most famous genocide of all time. Though it’s the most famous, it is not the only one. Besides the holocaust in Europe, there have been many other genocides that were very horrible but did not involve the U.S. and did not evoke a world war so not as much is known by the general public. In 1975 the “Cambodian holocaust” took place. The communist leader Pol Pot took control of the country, and with the help of his troops, killed over two million people. These two million people were 20% of the population of Cambodia at the time. Pol Pot looked to create what he considered a utopia, a utopia where there were no cities, no higher intelligence, and no religion. Anyone who lived in a city was forced into living in the country side and work on farms and labor camps. If you wore glasses you were considered an intellectual and would be assassinated. This genocide continued until their Vietnamese neighbors invaded and took control from Pol Pot’s regime in 1979. In more recent news the genocide in Darfur has taken an estimated three hundred thousand lives and still continues to this day. In the holocaust and in the Cambodian genocide many of the victims were killed quickly, or worked to death, in Darfur the citizens are starving to death. One of the slowest and most painful deaths that someone could suffer. The Darfur genocide became a very popular topic for a short time in pop culture, but as with most trends it passed quickly. To end a genocide someone has to interfere, it can’t be the U.S. every time, but how long until we do stand up to help?


One thought on “Europe, Cambodia, Darfur

  1. I agree, Enough focusing on Maus as a personal story. There is much more that needs to be said about what is required to end these crimes against humanity. The “we” of humanity is ethically obligated to treat living, feeling things with a measure of dignity, an innate value and in that, governments the world over have failed. To claim one did what they had to do at the time is to defer judgement to the future and if one fails to act when they could or should is to suffer that failing with interest. The only thing required for evil to flourish is for good humans to sit by and do nothing.On the same topic, fear is a powerful weapon and one that the victim allows wielded by their merits alone.

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