The Maus


My assumptions on the book “The Maus” were completely off before I began reading. After I finished the reading I realized how good the book actually was. I enjoyed reading this story. There were defiantly multiple parts in the book when I could not put the book down. I would read The Maus over any other assigned English book. The Maus was interesting and fun to read. I liked how Art Spiegelman made the Jewish people mice and the Germans were cats. That relationship between mice and cats was a perfect way to show the relationship between the Jews and Germans. I consider myself a visual leaner so the fact that there were pictures involved throughout the entire book, made it easier for me to read. Although the book is more like a comic book, it also gives you valuable information about the Holocaust and the disasters that occurred during that time period.

The events that took place during the holocaust should never be forgotten. Everyone needs to be educated about the tragic things that happened. No one deserves to be mistreated because of their race or differences. Students need to learn that every human being should be treated equally so that a holocaust will never happen again. 



One thought on “The Maus

  1. I completely agree with you! I am a visual learner as well, and like you said, the mice vs. cats portraying the Jews and Germans was a great way to show how the Jews were probably treated. Later in the book, you will see that they Americans are drawn out as dogs. I also liked this because it showed how the cats vs. dogs (Germans vs. Americans) part of the war was. Obviously, this is a comic, but I thought it was still a very powerful way to portray the Hollocaust. I really enjoyed this book, and wish that English classes would make this a part of their study plans.

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