From the moment this world discovered pain, I am sure there was suffering and despair. Pain is something we see everyday in our lives. It is something we not only experience but see others experience it as well. I would think Adolf Hitler didn’t care about that too much. To me all he had his eyes on was power. Something that instead of using to protect people he just decided to collect and gather for his own greed. In Maus Hitler and the Germans were displayed as cats but I think of Hitler as a lion. He was so engulfed in some fantasy of his own that he didn’t care about how other people feel. When someone hurts you I believe you should do the right thing. It could be defend yourself like when America entered World War Two or not let it bother you. There are different ways to react but I believe America did the right thing. I heard of a story that talks about when Hitler’s mother died of cancer he blamed the Jewish doctor for supposedly letting her die. I don’t know if that is true or not but what matters is that there was nothing that doctor could of done considering that there was no cure for cancer back then. Hitler must of been so overcome by anger that he was not thinking. What exact actions did he want the doctor to do to save his mother? It’s not like he had any better ideas. The way he used to think must of been very childish. I believe it is very childish to let anger get the best of you. Going around hating people and causing suffering is never the right thing to do.


2 thoughts on “Pain

  1. I like this post and agree with it on many levels. What’s scary to think about is the saying “History repeats itself”. Hitler believed he was doing the right thing by systematically killing off the Jewish people, he believed that if he exterminated the Jews that the human race would be stronger for it. This can be linked to more recent history with Osama Bin Laden, He had radical views and lived in the mind set of we can’t both exist at one time, it has to be one way or the other. So how long till the next radical leader steps up and starts killing people? Where will they be and who will they try to kill? That’s whats scary about the holocaust to me. People dying is horrible, but the prospect of more people dying in the future in an unknown time from an unknown source even even worse to me.

  2. I agree with you when you say “I believe it is very childish to let anger get the best of you.” When you’re angry you say and do things you don’t actually mean. You hurt people in the process. A lot of people say Hiltor was a genius for having so much power over a group of people. He was obviously messed up in the head when it came to his thinking process and took alot of his anger out on innocent people who didn’t deserve it. That’s why people should be educated about the holocaust so that history won’t repeat itself.

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