Maus and railroads: Walk not the same tracks.


Yes, it’s my religion this book it’s over and no, I’m not so much sad any longer over the holocaust but being reminded is to bring forth cold fury yet again. This book and the story outlined within are the experiences of but one being and represented the views of only a few viewpoints. If anyone needs know why I am militantly hostile towards any willful ignorance or apathy, it is because of these events. Humans have certain tendencies and group-think and group polarization are but two of them and they are incredibly destructive. Case in point: When the nazi needed a rallying point around which to point their hate bound mob at, the Jews were a clear and convenient scapegoat, somewhat common, often persecuted and vulnerable. With a common enemy and decenters repressed, the extremist position prevailed. Make a distinction between nazi and German, they were one and the same but one is redeemed, the other remains an enemy.
The average German had no idea these crimes against humanity were being committed within their lands and what was learned after the war is that most of the nonmilitary population was horrified by what some within their ranks had done. They might have been lost in the moral myopia provided by their post WW1 abuse but after their second war ended, they looked back in despair. When questioned, the classic phrase “I was only following orders” echoed throughout the lower ranks of the German military and that is really is pathetic. Evading small arms fire is intelligent but evading one’s duty to humanity via foisting your responsibility onto a superior or leader of some kind is a pathetic act of cowardice popularized on the basis of making their subject considerably easier to control. Art Spiegelman’s story is indeed important as it shows the personal side of the tragedy however the lessons that should be taken from the events in question are neglected within Maus. Equally important to the points of survival and perseverance in the role of the victim are restraint, empathy and thoughtfulness when one is the aggressor for without them, none of us are any better than the nazi. No human a mouse, no human a cat no human a frog. We are all human, we are the source of this suffering and we are the relief.


One thought on “Maus and railroads: Walk not the same tracks.

  1. I can tell that you speak straight from the heart when you write this, and I respect that. I also noticed a few words in here that one doesn’t hear very often, like “Myopia”, and I like that!

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