Winter Sunday morning


I personally never like winter weather because it’s so cold in my country.We get lots of snow and
cold frezing wind air during that period.Saturday and sunday is always an happy day for me because
i get chance to sleep till late.This poem is also about the event take place in sunday.It shows us
the love and care that father shows for their family.Its already have been four and half years that
i been in this country and remind me those days that my dad shows love and care for us.He used to
prepared breakfast for us and bring it to our bed even it is not as good cooked as by me now.This
poem shows how hard he worked to light fire for his family so the house get warm and rest of the
family member enjoy the winter sunday morning.This poem also remind me my old days that my father
used to polished and tied our shoe less before we go to school.



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