” You Have your opinion and I have Mine”

How this quote relates to me and to my life is that i have my own thoughts and opinionated questions of myself. Because having an idea or a thought is a great thing to take in consideration if you are in a debating issue. Reasoning is an absolute important thing and to have in mind as while talking about some issues and having a conversation about it. I’ve always had this problem in my life and its hard to deal with when your telling someone in a debatable way about your own reasons and ideas on the subject. Having your own opinion is like having a free of speech moment, because it helps the person to grasp the ideas of whats being written or said. Its a wonderful thing to have and to do in situations like these. Because it helps out people to understand at least some information of whats out their and not for whats not being said or even written down else wear or even spoken. Having an opinion on something or even having a question on any motives is a beautiful piece on human nature, because i believe in myself is that we all have the right to believe in the truth in society in general and question things forever.


2 thoughts on “” You Have your opinion and I have Mine”

  1. I really agree with this post. Everyone matters and you should never believe you are always right. I disagree with judging a book by its cover and believe you got it right. People can do that a bunch in a debate. Nice blog.

  2. I always followed news, especially politics. Most dislike that attribute because either they would rather not be exposed to some of the less than inspiring content or have strong opinions that they don’t wish conflicted. To both those groups of people I hold disdain. The former is barely defensible on the basis of preoccupation and stress reduction whereas the later is an abysmal state for one’s mind to be in… it is the equivalent of self imposed identity foreclosure. Hold a conflicting opinion and defend it if you wish as that is respectable, however I consider it perfectly reasonable to judge a person and their convictions in a poor light when they simply set them down and walk away.

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