this is how.

This story simply indicates how a  good women should act and portray her self in all aspects of life. However not only a woman but also every human being in general. The way we handle things and also how we carry our self’s in public, like what will people say about us when we are not with them physically? Both woman and man should take  responsibility of being a good role model to the society or to the community in all aspects of our life’s by doing this life we be more comfortable to everyone of us in the society.Most, especially for ladies and gentlemen ,our ways of dressing really show or tell who we are as a people in the community.What we do and how we communicate with people around us either at our working place,Our classroom, or to our family, we should respect and treat people around us with love and care so that people can say a good thing about us and who we are as a person. this life is simply based on how we do things and also how we handle situation on different occasion. However  our ways of life should affect people around us positively even in our relationship with out partner we should love and respect each other  we should always remember one thing in life which is what we people say about us when we are not there physically? No matter who we are or what we do in life reputation and dignity is the most important thing and keys to be  successful in Life. “This is how to behave in the presence of men you don`t know well and this way they won`t recognize immediately the slut i have warned you against becoming”. The way you carry yourself and dress in society indicate who you are as a person, This quote explains the way a woman should act .


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