Sonnet 18

I love to read poetry and I love Shakespeare, it may just be because I’m a theatre major, but I feel like Shakespeare has a certain something that modern day poets lack. I like Sonnet 18 because it reminds me of a time of love and laughter. Sonnet 18 paints a picture in my mind of a boy and his love simply reveling in the joy of young love, and that plays to the emotional side of me. I believe that there is a certain magic that is imbued into a poem that you write for a lover, I find that it is easier to convey the emotions to the reader and to be able to skip right to the point easier than when writing about other subjects. I have attempted to write love poems before, and although they were never any Sonnet 18, they were all very appreciated and cherished. “But they Eternal summer shall not fade” is the most beautiful line in my opinion. This line means that her beauty will never change unlike the seasons. He compares her beauty to the summer, considering that the most beautiful season, then stating that she wills always be the summer. I find this line very touching, and very beautiful, it plays to the inner romantic that I believe everyone to have. We all have a moment of love and laughter in our lives at some point and I feel that this poem gives us the opportunity to revisit and rejoice in that memory.


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