Looking Beyond the Cover

This quote from the textbook gives a good definition about stereotyping “stereotyping, can have a considerable negative impact on individuals…on our policies and institutions”. Stereotyping is something that everyone does daily even though they don’t like to admit to it. Stereotyping has been around forever and will be around forever. There have been more extreme type of stereotyping that lead to decimation, but now society have evolved had stereotyping has become less obvious and public. We judge a person within the first few seconds of meeting them, which always isn’t a bad thing you shouldn’t just trust any random person on the street, but stereotyping can hurt others and ourselves.

Some examples of over stereotypes that are used a lot are woman are bad drivers, young people are not responsible, or people who live in Texan love trucks, country music, and football. I am not saying stereotypes are always wrong, there are Texans who love country music and football, when judge people by the way they look, where they live, or what they practice we close our mind and cant grow as a person. When we don’t over stereotype others we can learn and can see that you may have more in common than you think.

I was homeschooled since the seventh grade till the summer of last year and I felt like people would judge me because I wasn’t in public school. Most times when I told people I was homeschooled they would say thing like “You don’t seem like you are homeschooled” which would surprise me. Most people think of homeschoolers are kids who are socially awkward, don’t know about modern media, or don’t have many friends. Before I was homeschooled I thought those thing too, but now I have a different perception of homeschoolers. I have a mix of homeschool and public school friends and when I was homeschooled I went to a lot of different groups, camps, and activities for homeschoolers where I made many friends and good memories. I went out of town more than my public school friends did. Yes I did school work in my pajamas and wasn’t able to experience what public school kids did, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I am not saying that homeschoolers are better or kids who went to public school are any different then me, I am saying when you take away stereotypes a whole new world could open up to you. I know that everyone could give a story when they felt a stereotype about themselves wasn’t true and felt like they were being judged. If don’t want to be judged then don’t judge.


4 thoughts on “Looking Beyond the Cover

  1. I like your post as your words ring true and your message has a vulnerable tone. As you mentioned, we are all guilty of stereotyping at some point in our lives. This can also be referred to as “judging a book by its cover”. I am sad to say that I am absolutely guilty of this crime. Often we do so without the recipient of our judgment even realizing what we are doing. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and when our criticism becomes apparent, it can be painful.

    I believe that we often put ourselves into a box far quicker than anyone else. Is it possible that you saw yourself as different being homeschooled versus public school? I ask because last semester was my first semester to return to school since before the large majority reading this post was born. There was not one “old lady” stereotype that I did not inflict on myself. I believe this was due to fear of the unknown. I felt like the color red in a room full of orange. Regardless, this semester I really do not care if I am the oldest person in my classes. I am here to learn, set examples for my children and make a better life for myself and my family.

    • Thank you so much! The saying “judging a book by it cover” is what gave me the idea for my title.
      We all are guilty of stereotyping someone. I think there has been a few times in everyones life when we have misjudged a person because of how they looked, then after getting to know that person was quite surprised. We don’t like to be over stereotyped, so we shouldn’t do it to others. It is what is on the inside that counts.
      You are very inspiring and I appreciate what you bring to this class.

  2. None of us are perfect and even though we may try we are all guilty of stereotyping, “even though we don’t want to admit it”. So why is it so hard for us to break away from these preconceived notions of people? This relates to an idea presented by Herbert Butterfield in Origins of Modern Science “Of all the forms of mental activity the most difficult to induce, even in the minds of the young who may be presumed not to have lost their flexibility, is the art of handling the same bundle of data as before, but placing them in a new system of relations with one another by giving them a different framework, all of which virtually means putting on a different kind of thinking-cap for the moment.” We as human beings have a difficulty switching, once the idea is planted in our brains, our “thinking-cap” to look others differently. But just because putting on a different “thinking-cap” is extremely hard does not mean it is impossible. We do have the ability to change our preconceived notions and to work on taking away our stereotypes. Just as Nicolette was able to remove her stereotype of homeschoolers we too can remove our stereotypes.

    • Thanks Kristina!
      I really like what you said about putting on a different “thinking cap” because it is very true. Everyone needs to work on not judging people.
      I enjoyed your feedback and thoughts.

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