In a Station of the Metro

Life is a harsh reality that we struggle with everyday. In the poem “In a Station of the Metro” it explains how some people go about there lives everyday with a grim face and a sad aura. The author talks about how we can have ghostly faces that look so gloom. He then says afterwards that they are petals on a tree branch waiting to fall down and die. The author writes about the struggles in life we go through. He writes about the depression we face. I agree that the author has strong points but I disagree with the feeling he gives us. This sad aura is a weight on us that we must learn to lift up to be a stronger person. These grim faces are easy to change if we try to smile at all times. Every human being in the world is a person that matters no matter what is said or done. No matter who is told terrible things or had bad things done to them that stay in their life forever. I believe with all my heart that we should care about things at all times instead of caring only at the times when it leaves a convenient impression on us. It is better to be strong at all times than caring only when you want to. I see this poem as both good and bad becuase of the the feeling that it gives us. Even though it makes me sad it reminds me of how we need to learn how meaningful our lifes are when we struggle. I believe that everything happens for a reason that is important. It is so important that we can not truly understand it completely. We all have they weight of the world on our shoulders but if we try to lift this weight then we become strong enough to take on the world.


4 thoughts on “In a Station of the Metro

  1. I agree with this post on many levels, but I disagree on a few aspects. I agree with what you say about the poem but I have differing opinions on most of the ideology behind the emotion. Everyone has pain and hurt in them and that’s true, but simply smiling doesn’t necessarily make it go away. You can smile all you want but for many that’s just a mask to avoid the discomfort of having to explain your troubles to another person. Many people can take the troubles they are given and lift it up or brush it off their shoulders, but I feel like this poem is an ode to the ones who can’t. I don’t think you have to take on the world to be considered a strong person, I think that if you can simply cope you are infinitely powerful.

  2. Both points presented here are valid. Being positive and making the best of any situation can be a powerful tool for coping with the hardships of ife. Giving in to dispair will never do any good and will only cause stagnation and and deeper depression. A smile and a positive outlook can be the advantage you need to get past a particular hardship. On the other hand, Jordans point that a smile can many times be a crutch or a way to avoid the problem, is equally true. Sometimes the only thing you can do is simply face the problem. No need for heroics or bravado. Realistically facing the sadness or dispair or hardship and simple coping can make us, as Jordan put it, “infinitely powerful”. Pain and grim circumstances are a part of life and no matter how much we smile or put on a brave face, they will still be there, a harsh reality that we cannot escape from. I believe this is the message that the author of the poem is trying to portray. These feelings are very real to all of us and it shows on our faces. Every person struggles with these issues and we should not entertain the delusion that any individual is universally content.

    • Yeah I see what ya’ll are saying. Forcing a smile is just something I do so things do not get the best of me. It is just something that works for me. I wish I could of posted something that works for everyone instead. I also agree with the fact that we face grim struggles everyday. I believe we should all try to overcome them so we can be happy which is what we want. I hope I was not too confusing to ya’ll.

  3. I totally agree with this little article about life in general terms! life is a precious thing that gives us a chance to live and see everything for our selves of what its all about. I believe that Human Kind has the opportunities out their to control the world for ourselves and make life changing decisions.

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