Ethos, Pathos, Logos

Moving out of my house has always been a never ending argument with my father and I. Every argument ended with a “because I said so.” I quickly learned why my arguments were failing. Convincing someone to see your point of view on an issue will never be a success without pathos, logos and ethos. The three main components an argument must have to send a message across to a specific audience are pathos, logos and ethos. Pathos is the emotion and empathy. Logos are the logic and reasoning of a person’s argument. Ethos is the credibility and trust of an argument. “Today, any lawyer who expects to win over a jury understands the necessity for making these appeals.” Your audience you are trying to convince has to believe and trust that the speaker knows what he or she is talking about. If I were to approach my Dad with information on expensiveness and my plan on paying for rent, he might consider the idea of moving out. I cannot just say “Dad I want to move out because you are annoying.” That is not a reasonable enough reason to move out of the house. I need more logic. Also, I have to show him and explain to him how bad I want to move out. Emotion in a speaker’s argument grabs an audience’s attention. Emotion (pathos) proves to the speaker’s audience how important a certain issue means to the speaker.


2 thoughts on “Ethos, Pathos, Logos

  1. Your claim for moving out does require a great amount of pathos, because after all your father and your mother are your parents and they brought you to this world. Therefore an emotional approach to this argument is a necessary component in order to convince the audience, in this case your dad, to approve of you moving out. But men are direct and straight to the point so being emotional simply won’t cut it. Logic, logos, and a reasonable argument that is full of ethos or credibility is the only way to achieve success. The coherent combination of these three literary appeals pathos, logos, and ethos will ultimately lead to a successful argument and a validation of your claim.

  2. I agree with the Ethos,pathos, and logos concepts!! Because it does give a sense of logic reasoning of how someone can be trustworthy to someone, while he or she is trying to make a statement or an argumentative point.

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