“To be of use” and picking the femur of a former foe.

Normally when a cynical person like me uses the phrase “their heart is in the right place”, it is usually followed by a statement pertaining to the easy of locating it with a foreign object but not so in this scenario… Not yet anyways… Marge Piecy is correct, there are some lazy humans but most everyone wishes to contribute to society in some way or another and the state of uselessness is frustrating at best and fundamentally intolerable at worst. Those few totally dedicated to the betterment of society do not wait in the shadows, they do not shout their accomplishments from the rooftops, they do not ask permission nor demand payment but they do fix things efficiently, effectively and without hesitation as Piecy points out. Sadly, there is indeed, a dearth of beings like that. We are not all in our element in our current employment or lack of employment; we cannot all focus on such maligned demands of our time with uncompromising focus nor is smashing our skulls into the roof of a classroom or office a sustainable focus in one’s life. (And yes, this is a perfectly valid comparison)

Her heart might be in the right place but after the first paragraph her mind has departed our realm of literal interpretation and even if I was of the warped willingness to charge into the jaws of hell with the author I refuse, because he went from an admirable statement to a scornful one. The ox cart was intended for ox only and it is wholly illogical and an act of shameless and illogical martyrdom to willingly harness oneself to them. The quality of humanity is not exemplary willpower or stubbornness; it is our ingenuity and intelligence that proved superior to rigid, static programing. This mindless pursuit that is advocated within this segment is the same logic that has led to many of the atrocity committed in the past and the most common excuse we received when the perpetrators were confronted with their actions was “we were only following orders”. That parlor general, however much disdained might be the only one calm enough to make the proper call and save lives in the long run. That deserter was the only one wise enough to save themselves to do good another day and if necessary, in another way.

The poem continues to extol the attributes of perfect and uncomplicated function however by implication; the author has lost this reader. We are human, not tool or vessel or means to unnamed ends and in advocating the abandonment of our better senses their ideals became worthy of that metaphorical crossbow bolt.


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