Romeo and Juliet – Young Love

An endearing classic that holds no real purpose in the literary world, nor any real fondness in the hearts of most die-hard Shakespeareans; Romeo and Juliet is a good first step into literature, but not the best guide to your love life.

The tragic love story of two teenagers who fall madly in love with eachother, but cannot have eachother because of a terrible rivalry between their two families. Forbidden love is the foundation of Shakespeare’s least favorite play.

Romeo and Juliet is a good stepping stone into the world of Shakespeare, but can easily be argued out of the equation after reading plays like Macbeth or Hamlet.

Most of us can probably say that Romeo and Juliet was the first of Shakespeare’s work that we have ever read. I’m sure many can say that this particular play is what got them interested in Shakespeare, but that they quickly pushed the love story of two teenagers aside for bigger and better plays. Their story easily becoming a source of amusement, rather than a great tragedy.

It is not the most popular play among die-hard Shakespeareans, but it is probably the most well known of Shakespeare’s plays because it is a simple story that can be easily adapted in today’s media. While there’s nothing really wrong with that fact, it does get a little old after awhile.

Young love is a source of great envy in our culture today. To fall in love when you are young, you are considered, by your peers, lucky. Young love is broadcasted as such a great acheivement, that we forget that the greatest type of romantic love is the one that lasts well into the years of achey backs and wrinkled hands.

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to fall in love when you’re young, I’m just saying it’s more important to put stock in the long run, cause that’s where you’ll be happiest.

By comparison, and I’m sorry to bring this up, but The Notebook is a much better love story than Romeo and Juliet.

It’s on the same basis of “Forbidden Love” and “Young Love”. But instead of two people in constant defiance of the warnings they are given, with the mindset that life is always unfair; Noah and Alli chose to, instead, defy the odds even after years of waiting, and even moving on to someone else. What’s better is, when they were both old and Alli couldn’t even remember who Noah was, Noah still chose to love the woman he had fallen in love years before.

Now that’s a love story worth broadcasting to the public.

In short, while Romeo and Juliet is a good starting point in the world of literature, or even theater, it isn’t exactly the best story to mold your love life after.


One thought on “Romeo and Juliet – Young Love

  1. I do not completely agree with what you said about how this story becomes an amusement rather than a tragedy, and about how it becomes old after having some time. This is one of the few timeless pieces by Shakespeare that everyone knows about, it is something that will be remembered for many more years to come as a tragedy, rather than an amusement. Although it is not, as you said, the most well known and most popular of Shakespeare’s plays it is still a very good story and easily adaptable into today’s society.

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