Hasty Generalization

A fallacy of induction in which someone jumps to broad conclusion based on too little evidence. When people jump to conclusions they are based off individuals’ thoughts and opinions. These thoughts and opinions are typically regarding sensitive topics. For example the presidential campaigns and elections are always viewed as biased because has different perspectives and judgmental thinking. President Barack Obama is both admired/discriminated based upon his words, actions, and the results with him being in office. All of his decisions will reflect how citizens view him. Obama is viewed as a mediocre simply just because over ten years of national debt and economic struggle still exists. The citizens have a hasty generalization/stereotype of Obama as an incapable leader of our nation.

                As viewed in the text on page 19 “English professors are nonathletic bookworms”, this is a hasty generalization of how just because of their interests in English literature makes them not an athletic subject. Where in reality no one would know whether or not the professor is athletic or not. There is no evidence since the person’s personality, and hobbies are unknown. He could like football because he use to play in high school, or she could like football because her brother plays for the New England Patriots. The audience is unaware of the fact that they are athletic or not until proven otherwise.  


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