This is a poem about a young man named Federico and how he takes a stand while working on a farmed labor camp. Due to reasons of “whiskey or whatever” a crop-duster sprayed pesticide while he and entire families were still working and Federico was killed. After his death, workers get even by ruining the tomato crops and blaming it on Federico’s Ghost. This was what seemed to be a way for the immigrants to get even for their mistreatment.

The way that Federico and his family were treated in this poem is not far from the truth. Actually it is truth. I have a friend that “visited” Texas with his family from Colombia at the age of four. His family was to leave six months later but decided to illegally stay. He had no say so over his relocation; however, this is now the only life he knows. He lives his life in fear of being returned to a foreign place that is technically considered home. He is now a grown man that tolerates more than most due to his lack of citizenship. You may or may not be surprised at how local businesses treat individuals in such a situation. They are good enough for employment but not good enough for a fair shake. He is the first to work the late and weekend shifts, no healthcare benefits and no paid time-off when injured at work. Injustice is wrong in every language.

I am not stating my stance for or against immigration laws. I am only sharing what I have witnessed in the life of this illegal immigrant man and how it parallels with the life of Federico.


5 thoughts on “Injustice

  1. I believe this poem is a great use of pathos. I like your input from a personal experience that you said. I think this poem paints a nice picture of how people are really being treated; not just about immigration but about we people are treating other people like they are worthless. My favorite part of the poem is when Federico’s family takes a stand a crush the tomatoes and say it was Federico’s ghost and the symbol that represents. I think it represents that us as humans should take a stand our fellow beings, not only for the ones that are being abused today but also for the ones that have died because of the way others treated them. No matter who you are or where you are from, innocent people like us should not be treated like they have no worth.

    -Nicolette Etherton

    • You are absolutely correct, Nicolette. Unfortunately, prejudice has existed long before you and me and is wrapped in many different packages. This story fails to scratch the surface. We ALL need each other to get from point A to point B and make the world go round. A little respect goes a long way.

  2. I really like this blog post. It made me realize something that i have never thought about before. In general, immigration is thought of as people who willfully come to another country expecting something better. I had never thought about the fact that there are people like your friend who were forced to relocate and never made that choice for himself. To know fault of his own he is mistreated in the work environment because he is not legal in the united states and is deprived of rights for that reason. I am not making a stand for immigration laws either, but it interested me because i have never really thought of it like that. I really enjoyed your personal story and how it related to the mistreatment with Federico.

  3. I agree with this post because it is only right that we treat other human beings with the highest respect even if we do not all come from the same places or backgrounds. I feel that we should see each other equally, because no one is brought to this world higher then anyone else. Even though we are not physically the same as one another, mentally and ethically we are mostly a like. Immigrants from foreign countries usually get looked down upon when it comes to job opportunities, making it hard to believe that America is the land where people are free from racial persecution. But that is where people should come together and take a stand and stop all this wrong doing. So overall I liked the story because it reminds me of how i should make my own strides to become a better person. As an individual in the society i treat people with equal respects and love in order to make this world a better place.

  4. Thank you very much for taking the time to comment. I am unsure how I would view immigration if it were not for my friend. Like Adam, I never realized that so many fall into a different category. I certainly hope my character is one of treating all fair and with respect. Being kind to one another regardless of status is so much easier than being an unkind person.

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